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All-Inclusive, Excellent Service


Adatoria Sakarya Student & Youth Hostel House Dormitory were designed to fulfil all our students’ needs under a single roof and built by our own building company and began to serve with 3 different concept.

Adatoria Sakarya Student & Youth Hostel House Dormitory that serve with all inclusive services, have all structural equipments and managerial skills to meet our students’ demands such as social life, education, basic needs, and even their psychological counselling.

With this all-inclusive service, our students and their parents can benefit from our a lot of additional services smoothly and continuously without paying any extra charge, except for the accommodation cost, thanks to our all-inclusive service. We provide the best and the highest quality service to our students and their parents both saving time and economic benefits.


1-2-3-4-6 Person Capacity Comfortable Rooms

Adatoria Sakarya Student & Youth Hostel House Dormitory has 2500 spuare meter indoor location, consist of 95 suites, 15 different design, location and budged, confortable and fully equipped suites for 1-2-3-4 and 6 person. Our rooms’ floors and comparments are heat and sound insulated, and have shower cabin, bathroom, WC, sink, and bathroom cabinet, fixtures, personal desk and chair, nighstand, bookcase, coat closet, interphone, satellite TV, and LCD TV are available as standard in all rooms.

In addition, there are nightlights, mosquito nets, wireless internet network (WIFI) in all rooms and corridors, refrigerator, sprinkler fire extinguishing system, smoke, gas and heat detectors, and hot-cold clean water coolers in all our rooms.


All Hours Free Student Bus Ring Service

Adatoria Sakarya Student & Youth Hostel House Dormitory is in approximately 5-minitue walking distance to Esentepe Campus. In spite of this, we have free private school service dormitory-campus/campus-dormitory every hour. Either our students can go to school by walking or by our private school service. Our school services are new models and well-cared and have Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Transportation, and School Service Document. Our drivers are friendly persons who have driver license, work experience, well trained, responsible, and obey the traffic rules.


Buffet Breakfast And Dinner

The breakfast and dinner meals are the other privileges of the students who stay at Adatoria Sakarya Student & Youth Hostel House Dormitory. The breakfast and dinner meals that provided freely under all-inclusive services, are prepeared by our experienced and qualified chef. Buffed salad bar, limitless fruit juice and tea are served to our students. The breakfast and dinner are served as fresh and warm by our expert cooks. Unlike many dormitories, our breakfast and dinner meals monthly are organized according to the demands and tastes of our students.


Room And Bed Linen Cleaning

Cleaning is our priority. The floors, rooms, and bathrooms, and wc are cleaned daily and freely and trashes are taken by our experienced staffs freely every mornings. As a part of our services, laundry and drying, linens and furnishings are replaced by the new ones every 15 days by our cleaning staffs.


Adatoria Dormitory Safety

As Adatoria Sakarya Student & Youth Hostel House Dormitory beside the peace and comfort of our students, safety is one of the most important thing for us. Security of our buildings is recorded by 36 closed circuit camera systems in the entrance of the garden, inside, and outside of the buildings.

All services described above are non-stop and complately free.