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All-Inclusive, Excellent Service


Adatoria Sakarya Student & Youth Hostel House Dormitory build by our own building company, that has 40.000.000 TL capital, and work experience certificate, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, proper to the earthquake regulation, has settlement document, serves as private student dormitory, apart, and village accommodation concepts in the Sakarya University campus area, in 2012.

Adatoria Sakarya Student & Youth Hostel House Dormitory were designed to satisfy all needs of our students in terms of location, structure, management, and all services and began to their sevices. In this concept, Adatoria Sakarya Student & Youth Hostel House Dormitory, offer a perfectionist service with their fully equipped, all-inclusive management system, without comprimising from quality management, constantly renewing themselves, and their expert staff in the campus area, in Sakarya University.


Unique Structure, Excellent Service

Adatoria Sakarya Student & Youth Hostel House Dormitory was built according to the regulations of Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, Earthquake Regulations, Ministry of National Education, and Private Dormitory Regulations, in 2012. Our dormitory which consists of 5-storey building, has an elavator, online Ups uninterruptible power supply, generator, 250 cbm clean water tank, water booster, payphone, and beside these, there are 95 fully equipped suite rooms, that heat and sound insulated, cafeteria, hairdresser, gym, resting room, game and activity rooms, cinema and study centers, health center(infirmary), computer and internet room, guest room, and prayer room.


Unique Structure, Excellent Service

As Adatoria Serdivan Student Aparts,we serve our quests with all- inclusive services. We provide our quests the opportunity to have the best quality in home atmosphere with minimum prices.

Adatoria Serdivan Student Aparts consists of 14 apartments as single, double, triple, and quad rooms, and (2+1)-(1+1) concepts. There are modern sitting group, dinning table, gas stove, 32 LCD TV, satellite system, interphone, vacuum cleaner, iron and ironing board, carpet, table, journal laundries, washing machine, fridge, and kitchen utensils according to the number of person in all our rooms.


Unique Structure, Excellent Service

Adatoria Sakarya Student & Youth Hostel House Dormitory in the distance of 5 minute walking to Sakarya University campus, begin to serve as suite villa concept, for the female students who study at Sakarya University. The services were designed as villa concept while planning and aimed to satisfy the studentsí all needs such as education, housing, and social life, under a single room and comfortable home atmosphere. The Adatoria Sakarya Student & Youth Hostel House Dormitory can be counted as the best dormitory with its innovative and unique services among the dormitories in Sakarya.